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What Is Branding?

Branding is a process of Marketing. It involves the creation of a strong, creative unique selling position that promotes the perception of the brand. The perception is created through various brand elements such as brand logo, brand colors, brand design and so many more. It also involves improving the salience of the brand and awareness of the brand among consumers. 

For instance, take a look at the world’s biggest brand. Apple is uniquely identified by its logo and the sleek design of its phone. You can instantly recognize Ikea for its blue and yellow combinations and minimal, affordable furniture. You can also recognize a coca-cola, because of its infamous brand logo and brand mantra. 

The process of branding encompasses some common elements to everyone. Such as the:

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Brand Identity  

What is your Identification? It is your name, or your nickname, or even a symbol for your identity. Your identification includes what your name is and how you are perceived by others and how you define yourself. Similarly, a brand also has an identity. The identity is encompassed of the name of the brand, the logo of the brand, and the mantra of the brand. An identity is defined when these elements combine. For instance, what is one common brand identity that we all know of? Nike, “Just do it”. And branding Malaysia as “Malaysia, Truly Asia”

Brand Image

Brand Image is the image of the brand as perceived by your target audience and people all over. The image should be well positioned and a reflection of the mission and vision of the brand. Apple’s brand image is about innovation and user interface design sleekness. Apple could never be a budget phone when it is a medium-ranged to a high-end mobile device producer. Zara is branded for creating minimal affordable runway fashion pieces for consumers, and it cannot start producing clothes that are out of the common man’s budget without tarnishing its brand image.

Brand Personality 

Every brand has its unique personality. Coca-Cola is associated with happiness, Rolls Royce is associated with Luxurious personas, Nike exhibits excitement, coolness, and activeness. There are five big personality types for brands. These are excitement, sincerity, sophistication, ruggedness, and competence. Apple is often paired with sophistication and competence, while Mercedes, Nescafe, and American Express are also exhibiting the same personality. 

Brand Associations 

BRand associations make the brand stronger. The stronger the associations are the stronger the recognition, salience, and awareness. What encompasses the elements of associations. Associations can be seen using the logo of the brand, the name, colors and so many more. We associate the color dark rich blue often with the brand Ikea. If we see too much red, we might either associate it with a Ferrari or even a coca-cola. If neon is present, we might often associate it with the likes of Nike. If we see a credit card, we often call it a visa card. Sometimes the associations are so strong, we start using the brand name itself as the name of the product. 

A lot more than just these four elements go into the process of branding. It is also important to think about the positioning of your brand during the process. 

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