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The Tropical Oil

The Tropical Oil

How much do you know about palm oil? How many types of palm oil are available in the market? Do you know what is their function?

We seldom heard people saying about palm oil, normally, we only heard people saying jojoba oil, Moroccan oil and so on. When it comes to palm oil, what is it for?

I am sure you will never find any palm oil ingredient in any hair products, although palm oil is really suitable for women’s beauty product.

Okay, so, let’s talk about red Palm Oil. Do you know that red palm oil actually has been one of the best ingredients for beauty products as one of the best supplements for our hair?

This is because red palm oil has been rich in the nutrients of vitamins A and E. These two vitamins are helping our human body to be more easy to absorb all of the nutrients we eat, it helps to generate and categorize the good and bad, basically filter out and only help your body to absorb the good thing.

Have you smell the natural palm oil before? It smells like oil, basically, the oil smell, similar to the cooking oil your mom bought from the supermarket.

Okay, come back to the actual topic we are talking today. Red palm oil has a strong moisture effect to our skin, especially for our knees, underarm area, and also our lips, those body part that is intense dry.

Besides having a strong nourishing effect, it also has a soothing effect to our human skin, a natural calming effect. It is good to people that are suffering from skin disease.

The nourish level that palm oil does has successfully outweigh the effect of any other nourish ingredients.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for any moisture product, then you can definitely try out any body lotion that has red palm oil ingredient, and watch the result after using it.

By using a kualiti baja kelapa sawit in your products, it will surely make you body feel more youthful and healthier!