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The Difference of Social Media In Other Countries

With the coronavirus pandemic taking over the world in the span of a year. Although it could have been prevented, many people refuse to practice SOP and has caused the spread of the virus to resurface once more. Everyone is stuck at home with nothing but their smartphones, computers and internet to entertain themselves while working citizens are working from home or let go by their companies, leaving them jobless. Social media platforms are now playing a more prominent role than before as it serves to not only allow users to update their current status, but to also allow strangers to reach out in certain areas that could not adapt properly to the new lifestyle. You may hear that Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, and that is true. But, in some countries, Facebook is not as widely used as other social media apps.

Some social media companies Malaysia users are not aware of or not used as often as other countries like LINE, WeChat, and Snapchat. This is due to the difference of culture in every country as they would show more interests towards social media apps that would provide contents that are popular in their country. LINE, for example, is the most used social media app in Japan as it is developed by them. LINE also has unique features that makes them different from other social media apps such as stickers instead of emoji, group calls and custom stickers that can be made by artists to earn money. LINE allows artists to have freedom in creating stickers based on popular animated series, or anime, in Japan, which further encourages users to spend money to have permanent access to their fan made stickers at a small price. Besides that, Japan is also known as “the land of anime” as it is the country that made some of the most well-known anime that even the elders would know about it. Most Japanese artists would use Instagram and Twitter to post their fan arts or original creations on these platforms. One thing unique about how animation studios hire their artists is through Twitter as they can view their previous works and decide if they are suitable for their future projects.

One of the few reasons that some social media apps are more popular in certain countries is the origin of the social media apps. Just as mentioned before, LINE is the most messaging app in Japan because it originated from Japan. This could be because they feel more proud using an application developed by their own country. Another reason could be the culture as some countries are more introverted and extroverted than the other. This is why TikTok, Facebook and Instagram are more used in western countries as western users are more expressive with their content and would use these apps to show off their achievements whenever possible.

Overall, you can’t deny how useful social media has become over the past decade when even schools are using them to keep their students up-to-date with their education. Although it can be seen as overly obsessive, there is no other place we can find the most entertainment other than social media.

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