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No Compromise With The Unifi Fibre Coverage Malaysia

To monitor its digital reputation or e-reputation, it is recommended that brands and individuals regularly type their name or that of their brand in a search engine as keywords. This will allow them to immediately “grasp” their reputation on the web and take notice of everything that is present on the web. Thus, they will have a kind of “synthetic image” of their digital identity. There are also several monitoring tools to control it. To help online businesses and individuals “capture” their online reputation, Google has introduced a new tool called My presence on the web. Its purpose is to facilitate the control of the online identity of Internet users. This monitoring tool uses the simple principle of Google alerts, the user is warned as soon as he is mentioned on the web via his name, his email address, or other data concerning him. Using the unifi fibre coverage is important here.

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How do I get negative or defamatory content removed online?

We are increasingly publishing our lives online. Today it is easy to damage an e-reputation, whether you are an individual who wants to defame a company from which he has been fired or a brand that wants to damage the e-reputation of his competitor. But the law allows anyone to request the deletion of data disseminated on the Internet deemed to be detrimental to their privacy, reputation, or e-reputation. It is then necessary to make a request for deletion to the person in charge of the site at the origin of the publication, by justifying the reasons for his request: invasion of privacy and reputation, defamation, unfair competition, etc.

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To help Internet users in this process, the CNIL offers a standard deletion request letter on its site

If within a legal period of two months after sending the request, an Internet user still experiences difficulties in obtaining the deletion of the content, it is possible for him to send a complaint letter to the CNIL. It can support its request to the site manager, ensuring that a concrete response is provided in order to improve the reputation on the web of the person concerned.