Types Of Kiosk You See In Shopping Malls

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Kiosks are typically small booths set up in high-traffic areas in the shopping centres walkways. They may be placed by an individual to promote or sell products. Often, Kiosks are not supervised by humans. On top of that, some kiosks are electronic that provide customers with a self-service experience, without the need for humans to serve the customers. More and more kiosks are emerging everywhere to provide consumers with a convenient experience. In this article, we will give you examples of the type of kiosk that you will see in shopping malls.

Information Kiosk

The information kiosk in shopping malls is placed to assist shoppers to navigate their way in the shopping malls. The information kiosk has an OLED display with a touchscreen to provide shoppers with an interactive experience. This information kiosk is much more convenient than the standard information board.

Ticketing Kiosk

There are actually many types of Ticketing KIOSK Malaysia. For now, we will stick with parking ticket kiosks. This kiosk is usually there when you get your ticket to drive to the car park. Another function of the ticketing kiosk is where you have to insert your ticket to pay for the duration that you have parked for the day.

Foodservice kiosk

Some restaurants have self-service kiosks installed to speed up the ordering procedure. In order to select their food and personalise their order, customers can use an interactive menu. The kiosks often accept credit debit cards and even e-wallets, removing the need for a human cashier from the equation. Using kiosks in restaurants reduces the need for counter staff, which lowers the company’s payroll expenditures.

Some of the restaurants in Malaysia that you see use foodservice kiosks are McDonald’s and Sake Sushi to name a few.

Self-service kiosk

There are many kiosks out there that provide self-service kiosks. For now, the example that we will give is the Kiosks that provide for you to top up your touch n go card. Some LRT stations in Selangor stationed a self-service kiosk for commuters to top up their touch n go card. Providing convenience to them so that they do not have to go to a shopping mall or petrol station to top their card.

Photo Kiosk

It is not unusual to see a photo kiosk in shopping malls. There are some kiosks that you can actually use to print out your own photos, and there are somewhere you will have your picture taken for a small fee. For that, customers will have to wait for a moment while the photo booth develops and eject the photos.

Advantage of a Kiosk

Kiosks have many advantages for shoppers and business owners. It improves the shopping experience for customers where it provides convenience. As for business owners, it can help to reduce your business cost. Therefore, you get to cut down on employees’ salaries. Kiosks also don’t require a lot of rental space. By renting a much smaller area, it can help to reduce your rental cost.

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