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How To Take Care Of Your Skin?

Doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman, it is important to take care of yourself. Looking good and healthy physically will boost our confidence, taking care of our skin condition is one of the most important things for us to do. We want our skin to look healthy and glowy on its own. 

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We don’t want our skin to age faster than we do, so we need to take extra precautions at a young age. After all, it is better to prevent than to cure! Here are some important tips you need to know to take better care of your skin

Wear your sunscreen 

This is the most important step that many people just neglect. It is really important for us to wear sunscreen every day, even when we are staying home. This is because the UV light can still get to us. Wearing sunscreen is not only to protect us from getting tan instead, it is to protect us from getting dark spots, wrinkles, and also skin cancer. Being exposed to the sun for a really long time without any protection can be really harmful to our skin. It is also advisable for us to reapply our sunscreen every 2 hours to make sure that they are still protecting us from the danger of UV light. So next time before you go out, make sure you have to wear your sunscreen. 

No smoking 

We know that smoking is not good for our health in many aspects, some of them are it will make our skin looks older and dull. This is because when smoking our blood vessels will shrink so the blood will not be able to flow nicely hence, why the skins will look dull and pale. Smoking also contributes to our skin becoming weaker and less elastic. Not only that, but it is also not good for all of our organs, if we continue this bad smoking habit maybe we have to end up seeing the best liver specialist in Malaysia. 

Be gentle 

Our skin is very delicate, sensitive, and soft. That is why we have to be gentle with it, when drying our skin please do not rub it harshly using a face towel instead, we should just pat it nicely or let it air-dry. Besides that, we need to moisturize our face every morning and night before we went to sleep. Not moisturizing our face will make it look dry and dull, even if you have oily skin it is still important for you to wear a moisturizer. Find a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. 


We are what we eat. Eating a healthy diet like fruits and veggies will make our skin looks healthier and glowy. Eating unhealthy diets like sweets and fried food can make our skin breakouts and it may cause acne. So, pay attention to what food we are putting inside of our bodies. 

Taking care of our skin is not only because we want to appear good-looking but because we want to be healthy. Nowadays, many people are becoming more and more woke to the importance of taking care of their skin. 

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How To Start Eating Clean

Nothing in this whole world matters the most compared to our health, when we are sick there are a lot of things that we are not capable of doing. That is why taking care of our health is really important. There are a lot of ways for us to take better care of our body, for example, we have to exercise at least 3 times a week, get a good quality of sleep, stress less and eat healthy food. 

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Eating healthy food doesn’t always mean that you have to eat vegetables only. You have to balance your diet by having all of the needed nutrition like protein, carbs, fiber and, vegetables. Wanting to change your diet and eat clean can be easy and nowadays there are many delicious recipes you can try to eat clean and stay healthy. Here are some tips for you, if you are starting to eat clean

Veggies and Fruits 

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ We all know about that proverb and it is true, in order to avoid getting sick we have to consume our veggies and fruits. There are much different fiber, vitamins, and minerals in vegetables and fruits. If you are not someone that loves vegetables, maybe this is the time for you to try something new. Make a recipe that will make you fall in love with vegetables. Maybe you can make falafel or a colorful salad. The first step to eat clean is by consuming fruits and vegetables in every meal we take. 


When doing grocery shopping, take your time and read the labels. Take extra notes on what you are putting in your body. Sometimes the food you think that are ‘healthy’ can have fake marketing on it. Read about the amount of added sugar, preservatives, or, fake color. All of these unnecessary chemicals can put harm to our body, so taking notes and reading the labels before buying the food is really important. 

Fast and processed foods 

Nothing beats processed foods. It is delicious, easy to cook and we are familiar with the taste of it. For instance, everybody knows how chicken nugget tastes like. However, constantly eating these types of food is not good for our body, especially when there are many unknown chemicals that are being put in it. Eating organic and fresh food is the way to stay healthy. For example, you can just easily buy fresh fish online in Malaysia, and they will send it right in front of your door. And, just like that, you can start eating clean and healthy. 

It is really important for us to take care of our bodies at such early age. Remember it’s better to prevent than to cure. Having a healthy body and mind is such a blessing that many people took for granted, the key to living a happy and fulfilled life is by being healthy inside and outside. When we are healthy, we will be able to spend more time with our loved ones.