Sex Toys: The Advantages Of Sexual Fulfilment That You Didn’t Know About

Let’s look at the positive side of better sex now that we’ve established why vibrator usage is critical to obtaining the ‘big O.’

Increased sex pleasure (more orgasms!) will result in the following:

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1. Improvements in mental health

You’ve undoubtedly heard about oxytocin, the ‘love hormone,’ and how it’s released by your brain after orgasming. That’s not all, however. Orgasming also releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which function in tandem with the hormones to reduce tension and anxiety. They also help you feel happier and calmer. Sexual happiness has been related to higher self-esteem and empathy in studies, so you’ll be happier with yourself and more open to others.

2. You’ll get a better night’s sleep.

Don’t bother with the melatonin tablet, and don’t bother counting sheep. Count your ‘O’s instead. As you go off to sleep, all those joyful chemicals will put your mind at peace after using your dildo

3. A deeper level of closeness with a partner

If you’re orgasming from partnered sex, you’ll feel more intimate with your partner, which will lead to a higher level of relationship pleasure. It’ll also make your lover more sexually interested in you. (Don’t worry; you’ll still receive the mood boost and higher self-esteem if you’re alone and self-pleasing.)

4. Pain management

Orgasms have long been a pain reliever for women suffering from severe periods and cramps. Did you know, though, that it may aid with pain in any part of the body? This is because the chemicals produced during orgasm block the receptors that would otherwise alert you to the fact that you’re in agony. So the next time you stub your toe, remember to grab your vibe.

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5. Anti-menopause supplement

After menopause, our libido declines, and we have less lubrication, which causes stiffness. So, if you have a lady over 60 in your life who doesn’t have a vibrator, you should get her one right now. Samantha Evans, co-founder (and former nurse!) of the sex toy firm Jo Divine, has said:

“Sex toys can help with menopausal symptoms like vaginal atrophy, vulval/vaginal pain and tightness (due to vaginismus, vulvodynia, lichen sclerosis, gynecological cancer treatments, and surgical interventions); neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis; lack of arousal, and low libido,” according to the study.

6. Bladder management

All of those orgasms put a strain on your pelvic floor. Maintaining the strength of your pelvic floor is also important for avoiding leaks later in life, even from something as easy as jumping jacks. Your orgasms will also be greater if your pelvic floor is robust.

7. A strong heart

Orgasms on a regular basis reduce stress, which contributes to a healthy heart. According to research, women who experienced two orgasms each week were 30% less likely to develop heart disease.

8. Maintains the health and youth of your vaginal area

Your vaginal walls are moistened when you orgasm, and this moisture improves their suppleness, which decreases as you age. It also opens your cervix, allowing fluids to drain, preventing those pesky (and painful!) UTIs.

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