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Why Metal Products Are So Important 

Can you imagine living in a world where there is no metal? How would we power electricity? What would we use to make our favorite earrings? Can we even own half the things we own now without the power of metal?

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The answer is probably no. You and we both know that life is not easy without the use of metal. The properties of metal have made it easier for us to go through the industrial revolution and reach the digital age. Even though it may have been once used for simple fabrications and products, today, the metal usage is endless. Everything that surrounds us has some sort of metal used inside it. From the chair, you are sitting on to the machine that made your everyday clothes and even your undergarments, has some sort of metallic hint. Anything that needs to be wired, shined up, and need strength and sturdiness and heat needs the properties of metal. 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say metal? Personally, the first thing I think about is all the aluminum pans in my home. Many have said that the first thing they think about is their car and their phones. Neither is possible without the exploitation of metal. 

As much as we would like to believe that metal was always used since the beginning of time, this is not entirely true. In the early ages, metal was not as extensively used or fabricated for human use the way we do it now. Mostly because there was no understanding of how metal works and nor there is the best large cnc machining malaysia for our metallic fabrication needs. Metal products came into existence close after we discovered malleability and ductility. of the elements. Malleability refers to the ability for metal to be compressed and changed into different physical forms. While ductility refers to how metal can be changed shape using tensile strength. We can stretch metal, compress them and use it for various applications in daily lives. 

Think about your daily life, and think about a moment where you simply do not use metal. Opening a door requires metal, freezing items in the fridge need metal, laptops need metal and your cool water heater also needs metal. 

Steel, aluminum, gold were extensively used for trading purposes, as monetary figures, and many other daily types of equipment.  As the human race began to experiment with various methods of melting or bending the metal, they found new uses for it. Even though plastic came after metal to take its throne, metal is never replaceable. The use of metal is fr greater and its distinctive characteristics make it a powerful tool no matter what day and age. It is what our ancestors used to fight in war zones after ditching their wooden swords, and today it is now what we use to make delicious rice in thirty minutes. Funny how human life has changed but the use of metal never got lost in the translation. We simply evolved with metal products and it’s implications.