How Long is Sex Supposed To Last (Duration) 

Sexual intercourse becomes a biological need for every married couple. Therefore, sexual intercourse is often used as a measure of happiness in the life of husband and wife. Go to > click here for Secret Cherry sex toys in malaysia

But many couples believe in myths, cultures, or media related to power or sexual gratification that can upset both parties. In fact, most of these aspects are usually exaggerated. One aspect that is often in question is the normal time of sexual intercourse, or specifically how long a man can have sexual intercourse before he finally ejaculates.

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With the rise of hot videos that are becoming more accessible, many seem to be ‘educated’ on the dishes in the video. This tends to lead to the belief that normal and perfect sex is like a hot movie – which can take an hour or more.

Not surprisingly, there are many stores that sell various ‘strong’ drugs so that a man can last a long time in sexual intercourse. Ironically, quite a few drugs are sold without going through adequate clinical trials, so it is not possible to know the level of safety for the body. That is, side effects of severe health disorders to death may occur as a result of the consumption of these drugs.

Normal Intimate Duration When Doing an Intercourse 

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Normally, the duration of sexual intercourse is not what you imagine. A number of studies have proven this, by calculating how long sexual intercourse lasts – from penetration to ejaculation.

Studies in Canada and the United States state that ‘sufficient’ sexual intercourse is between 3-7 minutes, ‘desirable’ is between 7-13 minutes, and is considered ‘too short’ when it only takes between 1-2 minutes. While sexual intercourse that is considered ‘too long’ is when it takes between 10-30 minutes.

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Meanwhile, multinational studies in Turkey, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain found that the average normal length of sexual intercourse (penetration to ejaculation) is 5.4 minutes.

Looking at the results of research related to the normal time of ejaculation and intercourse, it is clear that the length of sexual intercourse is not the same as many people think.

Please Do Not Harm Yourself of Drugs for Sex 

That way, you no longer need to take ‘strong’ drugs like Viagra that are unsafe and whose benefits are unclear, as their effects can actually be detrimental to health. Like really, you can if you want just do not depend on it. So, as long as you are healthy and in a state of fit/not in a state of fatigue during sexual intercourse, you can certainly achieve a normal sexual intercourse.

Use Sex Toys Rather Than Harming Yourself 

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