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Redoing A Sheet Metal Roof: Cost And Advice

As mentioned earlier, this material has a very long lifespan. Once repaired, you won’t have to make major repairs for the next half-century! On the other hand, at this moment, you notice that the work is to be completed. Alternatively, your roof has a shingle or asphalt cover and you would like to switch to a material that requires less maintenance. Sheet metal turns out to be a very interesting material to consider in this case.

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The cost of a sheet metal roof (copper, galvanized steel, or aluminum)

There is no escaping it: the final bill is likely to rise quickly. Very expensive at the base, a sheet metal roof becomes profitable over the years. This high price is explained by the fact that the installation and repair of parts require a lot of specialized roofing Malaysia labor. Moreover, some roofers are not qualified to install this type of material. In addition, the pieces are often made to measure and made by hand. 

When compared to asphalt shingle, replacement prices can be 8 to 12 times higher. On the other hand, sheet metal roofs are 3 to 5 times more durable. Although it is generally above average compared to other roof models, the final price to pay may still vary due to the fact that there are several types of sheet metal, namely: pre-painted galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper.

The advantages of metal roofs

Even though the price may seem like a big drawback, you should definitely consider the great advantages of this type of material. The sheet is easy to maintain: a good annual inspection, as well as a few brush strokes from time to time, will be enough to give it a little youthful look. The surface will never rust and comes in a variety of colors and textures.

To top it off, since aluminum is 100% recyclable, it is an environmentally-friendly choice. A tin roof is a roof for life. Above all, it is an investment that pays off, adds value to your home, and has the advantage of being weatherproof.