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Influencers Should Have Office Instead Of of Houses

These days influencers are getting too hyped up, too much recognition and attention are on them. They are basically celebrities for social media. I mean this is where their fame and recognition are from, they have fans and a high number of followers in their social media accounts like Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktoks. These influencers are probably famous because of the content they provide on those social media platforms, from comedy skits to daily vlogs and mukbang videos. People like all kinds of content and these influencers feed this entertainment to those audiences. It’s their brand, and what is branding? A self-image towards society and their perception of the influencers.

rggerg - Influencers Should Have Office Instead Of of Houses

Influencers nowadays are like celebrities, like seriously, the paparazzi follow this celebrity and there is a huge community to speak of this influencer drama and tea spill session. Influencers are also, all over the world but the main focus when it comes to influencers are the ones that stay in Los Angeles, now those influencers are rich and very famous, like Addison Rae a Tik Tok star and dancer, who is now hanging out with the most famous family, Kardashians. Some influencers use their platforms to spread awareness and some just create drama and there are some who just use their fame to get some cash in their pockets. 

Influencers the majority of the time are considered to be talented, smart, creative, and very outspoken and friendly, people relate to them, and people like them for their content and for those influencers themselves. This gives the privilege to those with most fans and followers, even views on social media apps, like Tik Tok and Youtube to be gathered in one place so they can collaborate and merge their fandoms with the other, building a bigger fan base and the following base.

Places like Los Angeles, have so many not just celebrities but influencers gathered. These influencers live a luxury lifestyle with their fame. Some of their sponsors and agents will gather some other famous and influential people together in one house in order to work together to get more fans and followers for both parties. There are many influencer houses around the Los Angeles area that have many famous people living in them. Like the Hype House or the infamous Team 10. Hype House is basically for those famous and talented TikTokers with the highest amount of following while Team 10 is the initial house that got famous for gathering famous YouTubers all around the world. These two houses were definitely not the first to begin the trend but they got famous for it.

The thing about these houses is that, like much of the entertainment they produce and provide to their audience, is the much drama and conflict they will be having. This is a prime example to show that co-workers can’t stay together and work has to be in the workplace, like in the office. Instead of staying in a house with influencers, they have to be in an office environment that reminds them that they are working together as a team to provide content to their audience, like Try Guys, the YouTubers.
Maybe to boost their creativity standards, they may decorate the office and make it as comfortable as they want with a partition like the operable glass partitions Malaysia and design the interior with colorful wallpaper so that it won’t feel like a business office environment.