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Importance Of Early Childhood Education

It is called Education Child to the cycle immediately preceding studies to primary education compulsory that begins in educational establishments at the age of six. Those who attend early childhood education are of course younger children, whose ages range from 3 to 6 years. Education that is imparted to very young children, from infants to four years old and that has the mission of educating and socializing them on the pillars of play and inclusion. Also known in some parts of the world as initial education, it consists of a discipline of studies that is exclusively oriented to educate and socialize the little ones, from months to three or four years.

Education in early childhood is very important for the mental development of children and adolescents, therefore, the world trend is to achieve stimulation for educational purposes, increasingly early in children. The course considered compulsory in Initial Education has even been lowered.

Early childhood is the age where the person faces his first communicative contacts with the world through his senses, therefore, it is when the child experiences his first sensations. The school stage happens to be a period of massive importance as in this period the first learnings use to take place: The kid learns, grows and exercises affective, cognitive, motor and social skills. These skills will continue to develop from higher education and you will know how to apply them in daily life.

Education in early childhood is considered in the West as training that contributes to:

  • Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  • The effective, social and moral development of boys and girls.

Early Childhood Education must foster experiences in children that stimulate their complete personal development. 

That is why the following aspects are addressed in primary school education:

  • The senses
  • The movements
  • The language
  • The body language or expression
  • Body awareness
  • Autonomy
  • Social relationships
  • Habits
  • Expression of affectivity
  • Respect for diversity
  • Personality
  • Spatial and temporal orientation
  • Understanding of concepts
  • Written language

The significance of early childhood education must not be undervalued, which, obviously, has a big constituent of family support. But even in cases where the child can stay at home or with grandparents, it is equally important that they go to Widad Training Centers where they will develop other skills from the hand of a professional educator, skills such as socialization, respect for others and the creation of habits, among others. If you wish for other interesting courses to join, you can trust Widad college as the top college for diploma in tourism management.