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How to Take Care Your Baby In Newborn

At the beginning of his life, the little one seemed to do nothing but drink, sleep, cry, and wet the bed. By the end of the first month, your little one will be more alert and responsive. Gradually he will be able to move his body well and coordinated. Especially for first-time mothers, it might be difficult to know how to care for babies between the ages of 1-3 months. When it comes to how to take care of your infant, especially in the beginning stages of his existence, there are several factors that call for special consideration. In order to ensure that infants have the best possible start in life, we will teach moms how to care for their newborns so they don’t become sick frequently between the ages of 1-3 months. And we have tools to take care of your baby at the link below essentials for newborn baby malaysia.

Monitor Baby’s Weight Development

Infants have a lot of bodily fluids, which they will swiftly eliminate in a few days. This will have an impact on the baby’s weight, which will drop by a tenth of its original weight over the first five days before rising again in the following five. The infant’s weight will revert to that of his original birth on the tenth day.

How to treat and maintain the cleanliness of the umbilical cord

A newborn’s umbilical cord is moist. At the age of seven days, the umbilical cord often dries out and falls off on its own. However, up until the infant is 10 to 14 days old, the umbilical cord can be cut. Medical regulations state that no fluids should be used during umbilical cord care. It is not necessary to give herbs or wash with soap. Just remember to keep the umbilical cord of your child dry and clean. Additionally, it’s not necessary to wrap the umbilical cord in dry gauze.

Give Enough Sleep for Your Baby

Newborns usually sleep up to 20 hours per day, with sleep durations ranging from 20 minutes to 4 hours. Lay the baby on a flat and not too soft. Newborn care can be done by lying the baby in a supine position to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Avoid wearing objects that can cover your little one’s head. The room should have a cool temperature, not too hot and too cold, and have adequate ventilation and lighting.

How to Clean Baby’s Diaper and Pubic Part

Clean the baby’s genitals with a cotton swab that has been soaked in water or with a wet cloth from front to back. Do not clean the diaper from under the anus to the genitals.

Hungry Baby Signs

Your infant will create a fist and place his hand in his mouth till he produces a taste noise if he is hungry and wants to nurse. Don’t wait until your baby starts crying before feeding them. Feed her whenever she wants; don’t set a timer. Your infant will typically breastfeed for 5 to 30 minutes. After each feeding, don’t forget to burp her by holding her on your mother’s chest, placing her there while giving her a gentle pat on the back until she burps.