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Email Marketing Strategies That Work In 2021

Ever tried email marketing for your business?  If not, I believe it is about time you do. 

I know, I know. We leave most of our emails unopened or simply block or send them to spam. Emails can be extremely annoying. So how is investing in an impressive email copy going to make any difference for your business? 

We may be leaving our emails unopened, but don’t be so quick to dismiss the power of emails. Did you know that email marketing happens to be one of the most effective strategies in our marketing plan? Believe it or not, they have the highest return on investment compared to any other form of marketing we do. Even more than social media marketing (If you play your cards, strategically). 

Email marketing is the process of using direct mail to interact with customers, build customer lifetime value, build relationships, create revenue opportunities and many more. People do email marketing in so many different ways. But what’s undeniable is the result of email marketing campaigns.

The results of email marketing are boundless. As fancy as social media is, it does not hold a candle to the effects of email marketing. They are great at acquiring customers, reducing the customer acquisition cost, customer retention rate, improving sales, boosting traffic and strengthening the SEO strategy. If you engage with SEO packages Malaysia, you’ll end up ranking first on the google page as a result of your email marketing efforts. 

A day in the life of an email marketer is not about spamming people or getting any replies from the customers. But rather it is about generating lead, accumulating interest, calling for action, and establishing a relationship with your customers. What better way to let your customer know that you think about them than a customized pretty email? 

Email marketers  work hard to create impressive email copies, and support their content with the rest of the digital marketing campaign. Email marketing campaigns can be used to develop fresh new insights into the needs of the consumers and understanding their demands. You can read into the type of content they love and the type of actions they want to see from the business. 

There are more benefits to email marketing than just improving the number of customers. Email marketing can be expensive compared to the pursuit of social media. But remember, it has a much higher return on investment than social media. There are more email accounts compared to social media accounts and people tend to pay attention when it comes to email. Email gives off credibility, authenticity and importance. So if a customer finds your content and brand valuable, they are more likely to open your email and to take action from it. Emails are incredibly action oriented so you are bound to get a higher return on the time, money and space you invest in. 

So what are some of the strategies that work in 2021? We know the importance, and we know that we need email marketing to survive in the fast paced world of internet marketing and digital content. But the world of email marketing is not always consistent. So how can we stay up to date with the current times and what strategies can we implement in our email marketing plan? 

Creating Engaging Content 

Content is king. We cannot say this enough!

Content is king no matter where it is. Whether it is on social media or on an email, the content you include must be aimed to create customer lifetime value. But how can you make sure your content is engaging enough for your customers? 

Think about the goal of your email. The objectives of the email marketing campaign and the expected deliverables from the email. Also remember why your customer subscribed to your email in the first place. Is it to stay updated with the new product launches? Exclusive scoops on the industry news? Or for the company newsletter? No matter what it is, provide your customers with engaging content that motivates them to a call to an action. A cool headline, vibrant colours, a strong impactful message that motivates them to take an action immediately is the best of email.

Get To Know Your Target Customer 

How can you reach your customer without truly understanding them? Email marketers can use insights from customer behaviour and their on-site behaviour to develop some proper and well targeted content. As the marketer  you have the power to control what you write and you have the power of understanding how it will impact your customer’s decision. You can have a perceived understanding of their expectations and how they will react to your email.

There are so many ways you can connect with your audience and learn more about them. The data on purchasing journeys is not the only way to analyze what they want. It is important for businesses to break down their walls and find a genuine way to carry a conversation with customers. Surveys, social media insights, messages, DM’s, email responses and customer service chats go a long way in understanding what your customer wants from you. Habits and decisions never remain the same so it is a marketers job to predict changes and accommodate accordingly. 

A/B Test Your Strategy 

Testing your strategies is so  important in Marketing.

 Testing your email campaigns is even more important as it can make all the difference in your email open rates, click through rates and revenue opportunities. So how can you a/b test (or otherwise known as split testing)  your email marketing campaign? 

Formulate two different email strategies. One is maybe shorter, more vibrant and humorous compared to the other email, that is more informative and in a different format. Divide your subscribers or customers into two groups and send one form of the email to one group and the other email to another group. 

Your changes in both emails do not have to be huge changes. It can simply be the order of the words, the length of the email, the headlines, keywords being used, or even the colours and design of the email. Monitor the effect and results of both the emails. Check their click through rate, the open rates and the boost in traffic as a result of the email campaign. 

Divide Your Target Market Into Segments 

Not every customer in your target market is the same. Your audience is huge. There are thousands and you can divide these into sub groups. Segmenting your customers is important based on their behaviours, preferences and the type of customers they are. You can divide them based on their on site behaviour, the number of abandoned shopping carts they have, how regularly they shop, how loyal they are and how infrequent they are with your brand. 

Each and every email you curate for different segments is for a different purpose. Some for retention, some for acquisition. Make sure you have a clear purpose that supports the overall marketing objectives!