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Different Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Sick of staring at your boring, colorless bedroom? 

We have been working from home for a long time now. Most of us have adapted to the new system and our bedroom is where we spend most of our time. However, some of us were definitely not prepared for this shift. Having spent most of the day at the office or on the go like a developer for binary system MLM, we have neglected our bedroom. 

It is lacking color, patterns, light and it is certainly lacking life. There are few simple things we can do to completely transform the feel and look of our room. Take these tips by hand and watch your bedroom go from lackluster to bedazzling. 

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  • Changing The Position Of Your Bed 

Is your bed positioned at the same place it was three years ago? Time for a reposition. Your bed does not necessarily always need to be up against the wall or to the nearest socket. Lean it in between the windows or keep it close by. Maybe switch it around to get an equal distance from the bathroom to the bed and bed to the door. It can is completely up to one’s taste but changing the position can change the way we view the entire room. 

Adding Colour To Your Plant Pot 

Is your plant pot in the usual black or brick red pot that you bought the plant in. get your online shopping groove on and search for some beautiful pots or even rattan baskets. A plant stands for your numerous number of plant stands can also make a difference. 

Light Up 

I mean, light up literally. Place your choices of lighting up above you. Maybe mount a new lamp to the wall or headboard. Install some fairy lights across your ceiling. 

An Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser comes in many different types but they all have a beneficial effect on us. It breaks down the essential oil into smaller molecules that does the job of calming us and giving us a good presence. An oil diffuser can be a part of your wellness routine as well since it is known for its psychological and calming effects on the mind and body. Investing in a good oil diffuser can go a long way to making your room smell nice and look nice as well. 

Get Some ArtworkArtwork brings color and vibrance to your room. Having a piece of your own hard work or any other local artist’s can be inspiring. The artwork reflects the personality of the room. Are you vibrant? Slightly gothic? Wholesome? Into rock and Roll? Whatever it is, your bedroom is your safe haven. The artwork is an indication of the same thing. 

Lush Pillows And Snuggly Throw Blanket

Luch pillows and throw blankets, much like artwork, are a reflection of our own selves. Are you into some Moroccan-inspired antique-looking throw pillow? Or maybe nordic style ones from Ikea? Your throw pillows and the snuggly blanket make your room an inviting retreat for your peace of mind.

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