magnolia place liana - Qualities of a Great Landlord

Qualities of a Great Landlord

Clearly, you need to be the fruitful one. Most landowners begin putting resources into investment properties since they imagine themselves turning into a flourishing entrepreneur.

Do you have the stuff to get that going?

To discover, read on! You’ll become familiar with the characteristics of a fruitful and successful landowner and what you can do to obtain those qualities.

1. Fruitful proprietors are tireless.

Maintaining an investment property business is no simple errand. Regardless of how adequately you do it, you’re probably going to confront extreme occasions sooner or later.

Possibly you’ll lease a property to a troublesome occupant who must be ousted, or perhaps you’ll put resources into an investment property that isn’t productive. During those troublesome occasions, it’s significant for you to be determined and abstain from abandoning your business. Understand that everything you can do in those circumstances is gain from your mix-ups and utilize the chance to improve the manner in which you maintain your business.

2. Fruitful landowners are solid.

Come at the situation from your inhabitant’s perspective for a second. How might you feel in the event that you had a landowner who never stayed faithful to their obligations? You wouldn’t care for it. What’s more, neither do your inhabitants.

3. Fruitful proprietors are open.

No inhabitant needs to manage a proprietor they can never connect with, particularly when a significant issue emerges with the property. Whey they do need is a landowner who tends to their interests rapidly and conveys unmistakably about support, review times, and other significant dates.

Try not to leave your inhabitants in obscurity. Regardless of whether you live in Montgomery district where landowners have a privilege of sensible passage, you should in any case illuminate your inhabitants early when you intend to enter the property. They’ll value the politeness.

4. Effective proprietors settle on great business choices.

To get effective, you shouldn’t see yourself as only a proprietor – you should see yourself as an entrepreneur. All things considered, being a proprietor isn’t only an interest – it’s an extraordinary method to bring in cash in the event that you pay attention to it.

When you see yourself as an entrepreneur, it’ll be progressively normal to work like a business and set yourself up for progress. That implies endeavoring to arrive at testing objectives, figuring out how to amplify benefit, and being proficient while communicating with occupants.

5. Effective proprietors are anxious to learn.

On the off chance that you aren’t sure how to work an investment property business, you must be eager to make sense of it, regardless of whether that implies purchasing books, going through hours perusing blog entries (like this one!), and taking courses.

6. Effective proprietors are composed.

It’s an obvious fact that being a proprietor implies staying aware of bunches of desk work. Furthermore, in case you’re inclined to losing significant documentation, your employment will be much increasingly troublesome. What’s more, you’ll need to invest energy attempting to discover those reports, which detracts from the time you can spend making your investment property business increasingly beneficial.

Make a recording framework. You can compose your records by occupant, by property, or an alternate way. Make sense of what makes it most straightforward for you to stay aware of everything, and utilize that strategy.

Follow up on verbal understandings. At the point when you cause these contentions with occupants, to catch up with them in composed structure (utilizing email, for instance). This will make a paper trail and secure you if an occupant chooses to debate you.

Store all documents on the web. Use Dropbox or another distributed storage strategy to back up the entirety of your records on the web. That way, you can keep precise records regardless of whether you lose the physical duplicates of your desk work.

7. Effective landowners adhere to the law.

No proprietor needs to wind up in court since they coincidentally overstepped the law. That is the reason the best proprietors invest energy learning the entirety of the laws that concern them.

It’s insufficient to get familiar with the government laws that concern you (like the Reasonable Lodging Act). You should likewise get familiar with the state and province laws that you should follow. Else, you could confront exorbitant legitimate problems.

8. Fruitful landowners fix issues quick.

Fixing issues with a property doesn’t simply fulfill your occupants – it makes your investment property business progressively gainful. At the point when you address little issues rapidly, you dispense with the chance of them transforming into all the more requesting, costlier issues.

Along these lines, ensure you pay attention to occupant demands and fix issues when you can. In case you can’t do it without anyone’s help, locate a reliable contractual worker who can deal with it for you.

Each proprietor faces troublesome circumstances once in a while, yet you’ll be significantly more well-prepared to deal with them on the off chance that you display the qualities referenced right now. Since you recognize the stuff to be a fruitful and viable landowner, you can roll out the improvements important to begin improving the manner in which you maintain your investment property business.

And lastly, many of the many factors that can make you a great landlord is the quality of your rental property. Thus, if you are still about to buy one, you might want to consider checking these properties out: OUG Parklane, regalia, arte cheras apartment, KL Traders Square, or z residence.

magnolia place liana - Qualities of a Great Landlord

Silver Ensuite Plus Fountainbridge 6 of 26 1 - Apakah harapan anda ketika mencari penginapan?

Apakah harapan anda ketika mencari penginapan?

Nota: Artikel ini ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

What You Want from Your Accommodation

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and thus, if you are planning to include Malaysia in your next travel, be sure that you will not miss this city. This is where the action is and if you check this city out, you will right away understand why this is chosen as the capital. It has a lot to offer, aside from the fact that this is buzzing with tourists like you. It comes with great facilities as well and most of all, great foods that can surely ruin your diet. With this economy, you’ll be sure to afford good accommodation.

But not only that this place is well favoured when it comes to the environmental abundance but at the same time, this is also a place where you will never run out of things to do. This is why, for your next vacation destination, this place can be one of your better options. In fact, you really should consider checking this place out.

Before planning your trip in the capital city of Malaysia though, you have make sure that you already book a place to stay as this city is also constantly swarming with tourists, as what is mentioned above. You might end up on the streets if you won’t book for an accommodation ahead. There are a handful of hotels and other types of accommodation in this city of course just like in other cities. However, according to stats, Marc Residence KLCC comes highly recommended and to know more about this hotel, feel free to check out below:

1. If you are tired with an accommodation that is quite a distance from your errands or from the things you want to see, then you can surely find what you like in one of the suites prepared by Marc Residence. They are just perfect for everyone looking for a place to rest after exploring Malaysia the entire day. At the same time, this is also perfect for business people who want to unwind after a long day of meetings and conferences.

2. They have a large luxury suite that is quite perfect if you are celebrating something like your wedding or honeymoon, anniversary or you simply want to surprise your partner because it was ages when you last went out with her alone. It comes with great amenities that will be perfect for a romantic night as well. They have a pool, picnic area and so on. Your partner will surely love you more if you bring her here on your special day. This will be a night to remember for sure for the both of you. And if you are looking for a property to invest in, you can look for marc service residence for sale as there are many properties available. For a full list of properties, you can check out

3. Here are the room options you can choose from:
* Studio apartment – comes with one large double bed that can accommodate two people. If you are in a budget, this is just perfect.
* One-bedroom apartment – this comes with an extra large double bed plus lots of amenities and free services. Without a doubt, you and your partner will have a grand time here. There will be no need for you to go out even at times when you just want to lazily stay at home.
* Two-bedroom apartment – this apartment can accommodate 3 people which is just great if you already have a daughter. It comes with one extra-large double bed and a single bed plus of course, the many luxurious amenities and services. This also comes with 2 bathrooms. They also have another 2 bedroom apartment that can accommodate 4 people and another that can house 3 people but with a sofa bed.

4. Location is another reason why marc residence kuala lumpur is highly recommended by tourists. The place is just perfect for the busybodies as this is near to a lot of landmarks like Mega Star Arena, Gasing Hill, The Lake Gardens and more. At the same time, it is also near to some airports such as Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and so on.

6e40b1752894eaf660e7a2309225db34  luxury condo luxury homes - Apakah harapan anda ketika mencari penginapan?

5. It comes with great reviews. If you check their sites, you will find that most of their tenants, if not all, are really satisfied with what they paid for. Everyone really took the time to post a review considering that this is the least they can do for excellent services. In fact, they claim that if ever they will be back in Kuala Lumpur again, they will not look for another accommodation. They can’t even wait to book into the same accommodation again.

This youtube video talks about the tips you should know when looking for accommodation:

There are still so many things to learn about the Marc Residence in KL. The bottom line is, when you are in Malaysia, this is by far the best hotel you can bring your entire family to thus be sure that you can really book for a room here to complete your well-planned vacation. If Marc Residence isn’t your forte, you can check out Verve Suites instead. If you managed to fall in love with the accommodation, you can consider to buy property verve suites.

download 4 - The Tropical Oil

The Tropical Oil

The Tropical Oil

How much do you know about palm oil? How many types of palm oil are available in the market? Do you know what is their function?

We seldom heard people saying about palm oil, normally, we only heard people saying jojoba oil, Moroccan oil and so on. When it comes to palm oil, what is it for?

I am sure you will never find any palm oil ingredient in any hair products, although palm oil is really suitable for women’s beauty product.

Okay, so, let’s talk about red Palm Oil. Do you know that red palm oil actually has been one of the best ingredients for beauty products as one of the best supplements for our hair?

This is because red palm oil has been rich in the nutrients of vitamins A and E. These two vitamins are helping our human body to be more easy to absorb all of the nutrients we eat, it helps to generate and categorize the good and bad, basically filter out and only help your body to absorb the good thing.

Have you smell the natural palm oil before? It smells like oil, basically, the oil smell, similar to the cooking oil your mom bought from the supermarket.

Okay, come back to the actual topic we are talking today. Red palm oil has a strong moisture effect to our skin, especially for our knees, underarm area, and also our lips, those body part that is intense dry.

Besides having a strong nourishing effect, it also has a soothing effect to our human skin, a natural calming effect. It is good to people that are suffering from skin disease.

The nourish level that palm oil does has successfully outweigh the effect of any other nourish ingredients.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for any moisture product, then you can definitely try out any body lotion that has red palm oil ingredient, and watch the result after using it.

By using a kualiti baja kelapa sawit in your products, it will surely make you body feel more youthful and healthier!

sfa - Get The Best Sales Force Automation For Your Business!

Get The Best Sales Force Automation For Your Business!

Get The Best Sales Force Automation For Your Business!

Get The Best Sales Force Automation For Your Business!

We are in the fast moving era and everything needs to be done quickly and efficiently, however, we are still human beings who have a tendency to make errors. Yet, errors are not meant to be done in your business because it can make the thing go complicated. So how to solve this issue? Well, humanomics marketing solutions in malaysia is the solution to it. All you need is a best sales force automation software that can track down each and every task that has been done in your company. Now, you might be wondering where to get the wonderful software, isn’t it? Let me guide you!

This software is a wonderful gift for the sales industry. It is because of the amount of investments that have been made by the business owners. They never wanted their investment to wasted due to record everything manually and a silly errors that made by someone in the business. If you use a software, it would record each and every single detail of the sales. With the software, you can manage the system pretty well than doing it manually.

Ever since, I introduce to you the best sales force automation in kuala lumpur!

Now, go and get the software for your sales business.

Graphique BRM JAUNE 1024x701 - Get The Best Sales Force Automation For Your Business!

81rY9uhXzML. SY355  - Using Liver Supplements Is A Good Thing

Using Liver Supplements Is A Good Thing

Using Liver Supplements Is A Good Thing

Using Liver Supplements Is A Good Thing but you have to check either it is Best liver herbal supplement in Malaysia or not!

Have you ever heard of liver supplements? Liver supplements are the newest medicine or product that is now available in any pharmacy near you. Although some people are still having doubts about this product, the people who have already tried using this product are contented with the advantages they experienced from it. The reason why other people have doubts about this because they think it is not yet proven or tested to work, but that is not true. Before marketing or introducing the liver supplements to the people, it has already been tested by professional doctors and they already approved it.

1702 Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup 002 - Using Liver Supplements Is A Good Thing
Now talking about liver herbal supplement Malaysia, just like what mentioned a while ago, it gives a set of advantages or benefits to the people who use it. From the name itself, this medicine or product is for our liver. By using or taking it in, it improves our liver that makes our liver function well. But first of all, how do you know if your liver is damaged? You will know it if your skin colour is no longer the same as it is turning into yellowish and that you are experiencing fatigue, weight loss, abdominal pain and swelling.

If you have all the mentioned symptoms, you better buy liver supplements immediately.

images - Why a Professional Photographer is a Must to Every Wedding

Why a Professional Photographer is a Must to Every Wedding

Professional Photographer is a Must to Every Wedding

Your wedding is quite a relevant day. This is a day that marks so many new phases of your life and the endings of a lot of important situations as well. For once, this is the day where you have to say goodbye to your parents who are the reason you are living as you have been in this globe. This also marks the day of your separation with your siblings and all the fun and the talks before calling it a day. At the same time, this is also the end of your singleness where you can just plan some outings whenever you want to with only your parents to ask permission from.

Yes, and as mentioned, this marks so many beginnings as well like a new life with your husband and your future kids. New responsibilities to deal with. This is not just the day for you alone, but this is the day for you and for your future family. It is just right that this very important day should be immortalized, not only for you and for your husband to reminisce every now and then, but at the same time, for your kids as well to witness the union of the people who will be the reason of their existence.

What you need are pictures that can tell in detail what happened on that very special day. They should not just be pictures of hardly recognizable people, but ones that can speak about the emotions involved as well. Yes, and this is why it is important that you hire a professional photographer who can give everything that you need when it comes to your wedding photography.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer 1200x550 1000x458 - Why a Professional Photographer is a Must to Every Wedding

Are you still doubtful? Check out below some of the most notable reasons why hiring a skilled photographer is just what you need when it comes to wedding immortalization:

1) Commitment
When it comes to very important events, you need to be assured that the ones you hire will be there come what may. Yes, and this is what we call commitment. Professionals are well aware about this and thus, even if they are not feeling well, they will surely be there on the dot. If at times, they can’t really come, they will either send someone else with the same caliber or warn you ahead of time about their circumstance. In short, they will never leave you hanging as they aim for the referral from their every client.

2) Experience
They say that the best teacher is experience and until now, that is still the case. As long as you will choose the photographer well, you should end up with one who has a lot of experiences in this trade. In fact, usually, photographers have spent thousands of hours dealing with different wedding photography. You can say that photography is already part of their system. It also means that with their wide experiences, they already know how to get through some of the expected hurdles. As for the unexpected ones, they already have backup plans. The bottom line is they will never put their work on the line.

3) Excellent outcomes
The thing with the professionals is this is their livelihood. This is not just one of their sidelines like some of those you probably know. That means they will surely make sure that you will like the outcome of their efforts. In fact, they will try their best so that they can give you something that is a lot more than what you expect. Yes, that is how passionate they are since they don’t just earn a living here, most of them, really love their work.

4) Assurance
At the time of the wedding, you need to be at your prettiest. This is a day when you should not be stressed and instead, you should be the most beautiful. However, that will not happen if you keep in checking things about your weddings like if the camera man has arrived, if you are always concern that your parents were not taken some pics or this and that. With a professional camera man, there will be no need for that. Yes, as you only need to instruct them once, and you can be assured that they will right away know what to do. At the same time, they will arrive at your doorstep prepared for everything and even have backup plans like extra batteries and so on.

5) Knowledge of the equipment
There is a big difference when you hire an amateur and you will just suddenly ask him to use the latest camera. He might say yes to impress you but what if something will happen with the camera? Or what if he won’t know how to adjust the lighting and so on? is he going to ask your assistance every now and then when you are supposed to just be pretty for the day? A pro on the other hand has his own equipment and not only that, he has knowledge about it. He won’t trouble you for sure whatever will happen, and he knows how to set his equipment so that the result will be awesome.

6) His role
Yes, his role indeed and that is to offer you the best wedding photography he can come up with. He will surely take the role as your wedding photographer perfectly. On the other hand, hiring a relative or a friend is definitely not a good idea. the reason is he also wants to celebrate with you as after all, this is a very important day of your life. So, he will try to multitask which won’t be easy for him, especially that he is not a pro in what he does. He might only end up with hardly recognizable pictures.

7) Patience
A pro is trained to be patient with his subjects, especially when it comes to your guests. He will not be annoyed easily if there are guests who are hard to call or having a hard time following instructions. In fact, he even expects that at times. This cannot be the same when you will hire a relative or someone who is not a pro as sometimes, he might get into a feud with some of your guests. Or maybe, he will just ignore them thinking that they don’t want to be in the pics.

8) There is more to photography
You see, a good camera is not just the factor that can deliver awesome results. It also needs the skill of the photographer. Yes, as he needs to capture the pics at the right time, with the right lighting. He needs to offer something more than statues in the pictures. If you want a perfect wedding photography, it should be something when you don’t need to explain what really happened. The pictures should also be able to tell the emotions surrounding the pics and this is what a real photographer can offer. If a person is ecstatically happy, he should be able to capture that and vice versa.

9) An amateur means more work
I am pretty sure you already experience hiring an incapable maid where you end up feeling so stressed because it seems that she cannot comprehend what you say? She is having a hard time understanding instructions and she is always doing things that are really annoying! This is just what will happen if you hire an amateur photographer. You will surely end up too stressed and the result is quite poor as well. It seems that he just clicking here and there without really considering anything at all. If you don’t want to be annoyed in your D-day, you should start considering a pro in immortalizing your big day. He is the only one who can deliver an awesome wedding photography.

10) Feeling at ease
If you will hire the right person, you will feel more at ease and confident. Like a wedding photographer, you will be assured that he will do his job and he will deliver the best results. You can then focus on your role as a pretty bride and you can smile without those nagging thoughts that your pics might not be what you expect.

11) You only walk the aisle once
This is so true! Your big day will only happen once. There is no trial and error here and thus, you should not do anything that can ruin this day. You have to consider your future kids, how can they witness your wedding if the pics, that is their only hope are blurry or unable to tell the stories they want to hear? So, don’t be tempted to hire an amateur just because he is a lot cheaper. It is expected as he has no right to price himself expensively when his skills are not as par!

12) They know what they’re doing
Yes, the pros certainly know what they’re doing. This is the job they choose, and you can be assured that they are passionate about this. They equip themselves with the right knowledge and they have everything they need ready. They will make sure that their services are what you expect as well as they want you to refer them to your friends and family.

Your big day should never be compromised because you want to save money by hiring an amateur to take your pics. Note that pictures these days are quite important. After all the chaos, only the pictures remain as proofs that the event is a success.

However, if the pictures are of poor quality, they cannot fully tell the happiness and sadness of the people who are witnessing your big day!

Lagi gay Melayu kahwin, kali ini di Greece

Lagi gay Melayu kahwin, kali ini di Greece

Seorang lagi gay Melayu didakwa berkahwin dengan gay Mat Saleh, lebih dahulu sebelum seorang lelaki Melayu yang dilaporkan berkahwin sesama jantina di Dublin, baru-baru ini.

Kali ini, lelaki berkenaan dipercayai melangsungkan perkahwinan songsang dan terlarang itu di Greece.

Lebih ‘menarik’, lelaki terbabit juga mengenakan pakaian Melayu lengkap bersongkok dan bersamping (gambar) seperti gay Melayu yang berkahwin di Dublin – bertanjak dan bersamping.

gay 272x300 - Lagi gay Melayu kahwin, kali ini di Greece

Imej dari

Beberapa jam lalu, beberapa blog tempatan dikesan menyiarkan artikel dan gambar gay Melayu itu, juga dikatakan pelajar, berkahwin di Greece.

Antara blog awal yang menyiarkan artikel dan gambar yang didakwa membabitkan pelajar Malaysia di Greece ialah dan

Bagaimanapun tiada maklumat lengkap yang dapat mengesahkan perkara itu. Kedua-dua blog berkenaan menyatakan gambar terbabit diperolehi dari sebuah blog lain.

Menurut, ia memperolehi maklumat mengenai perkahwinan gay Melayu di Greece itu dari sebuah blog yang diberikan sahabatnya ketika melayari Facebook.

Bagaimanapun blog itu tidak menyebut dan memberikan link kepada blog yang dimaksudkannya itu.

“Dan ketika melayari satu blog yang diberikan sahabat fb (Facebook) tadi, rupanya baru tahu bahawa Arif Alfian bukanlah lelaki Melayu Islam yang pertama kahwin dengan lelaki Mat Saleh di luar negara. Lihat bawah neh (ini),” catat merujuk kepada gambar seorang lelaki berpakaian lengkap bersongkok dan bersamping berpimpingan tangan dengan seorang lelaki Inggeris.

Gambar berkenaan, menurutnya, diperolehi hasil carian di Google oleh pengendali blog yang menjadi sumber maklumat itu.

Sementara itu, seperti ditulis, mencatatkan:

“Jika yang neh (ini) terbukti benar maka ternyata arif (gay pertama yang baru-baru ini dilaporkan berkahwin dengan lelaki Inggeris) adalah yang kedua, bukan yang pertama,” catat memetik sumber berita berkenaan dari

Mereka mempersoalkan mengapa kerajaan belum bertindak berhubung perkara itu. –

clem onojeghuo 1mn6ERT0XNc unsplash 2 - WWW1: Nizar pertikai bidaan RM0.5 juta oleh Sultan Johor?

WWW1: Nizar pertikai bidaan RM0.5 juta oleh Sultan Johor?

WWW1: Nizar pertikai bidaan RM0.5 juta oleh Sultan Johor?

Bidaan Sultan Johor berharga RM520,000 bagi plat kenderaan WWW1 yang diumumkan Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) pagi semalam, kini mencetuskan kontroversi baru di kalangan komuniti online.

Paling hangat sejak beberapa jam lalu ialah berikutan catatan yang dikatakan dibuat oleh bekas Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin di laman Twitternya berhubung bidaan itu.

Tinjauan di Internet sejak jam 1.30 pagi tadi mendapati beberapa blog mengulas komen Mohammad Nizar terhadap bidaan Sultan Johor itu.

Antara blog yang awal dikesan menyiarkan laporan mengenai kontroversi itu ialah dan

Beberapa blog mendakwa pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat (PR) itu membuat catatan di laman Twitter ( yang menyifatkan amaun bidaan Sultan Johor sepatutnya digunakan untuk membantu rakyat Melayu Johor yang masih ramai miskin.

Menurut catatan di Twitter itu, amaun berkenaan juga boleh digunakan bagi membina 20 rumah Projek Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT).

Semakan kira-kira jam 3 pagi ini di laman sosial yang dikatakan milik Mohammad Nizar itu mendapati ia mengandungi beberapa catatan mengenai bidaan terbabit, antaranya ialah “rm520k boleh dibelanjakan membantu rakyat Melayu Johor yang masih ramai miskin serta memerlukan bantuan untuk keperluan hidup, bina 20 rumah PPRT!”

Catatan lain di laman sama ialah “rm520k untuk no plate WWW1, xkan (takkan) nak letak kat kereta proton atau motor kut? Ramai lagi rakyat yang masih kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang!”

Sejak pagi semalam, hampir semua media online dan media tradisional menyiarkan JPJ menyenaraikan pemilik nombor pendaftaran kenderaan paling mahal dalam sejarah Malaysia ialah Sultan Johor.

Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar dilapor membida RM520,000 untuk mendapatkan nombor plat ‘WWW1′.

Turut disiarkan di laman web rasmi JPJ ialah senarai pembida yang berjaya untuk plat premium, termasuklah Yang di Pertuan Agong bagi nombor pendaftaran ‘WWW5′ pada harga RM220,000.

Blog terbabit, kebanyakannya pro Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN), yang melaporkan mengenai kontroversi terbaru berikutan komen Mohammad Nizar itu turut menyiarkan penjelasan Tunku Mahkota Johor berhubung sumber pembiayaan bagi bidaan terbabit.

Semakan di laman Twitter berkenaan (!/HRHjohor2 dan kira-kira jam 3 pagi ini juga menemui catatan:

“Johor Royal Family does Not take any Money from the Government. Since the time of Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim. Feel free to ask the MB or any Government officials. The Money allocated to My Father and I every month as a Sultan and Tunku Mahkota is put into Yayasan Iskandar and Yayasan Ibrahim”

(Keluarga Diraja Johor tidak mengambil sebarang wang dari kerajaan. Sejak zaman Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim. (Anda) boleh tanya Menteri Besar atau mana-mana pegawai kerajaan. Wang yang diperuntukkan untuk ayah beta dan beta setiap bulan sebagai Sultan dan Tunku Mahkota disalurkan kepada Yayasan Iskandar dan Yayasan Ibrahim). –

Picture 15 300x203 2 - Bajet 2012 boleh menyebabkan petaka ekonomi?

Bajet 2012 boleh menyebabkan petaka ekonomi?

Bajet 2012 boleh menyebabkan petaka ekonomi?

Walaupun banyak pihak menyifatkan Bajet 2012 adalah ‘gula-gula politik’ dan bajet pilihanraya, kita memilih untuk bersangka baik terhadap niat kerajaan membantu rakyat.

Namun, untuk kekal bersangka baik agak susah juga. Ini kerana kita turut dihadapkan dengan beberapa persoalan sejak Perdana Menteri yang juga Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, membentangkan bajet itu di Parlimen pada 7 Oktober 2011.

Antaranya ialah  laporan yang memetik beberapa ahli ekonomi berpendapat Bajet 2012 berisiko membawa negara ke arah corak perbelajaan tidak mampan. Ini berbahaya ketika ekonomi dunia kini dalam keadaan tidak menentu.

Pendapat itu disuarakan Pengarah Penyelidilan Global, Bank of Amerika, Chua Hak Bin di dialog pasca Bajet 2012 anjuran Persatuan Ekonomi Malaysia di Universiti Malaya, 10 Oktober 2011.

Menurut laporan, Chua menyatakan hutang isirumah dan hutang awam kini berada pada paras membimbangkan. Chua juga mengaitkan kedudukan itu dengan kadar defisit yang akan memberi tekanan kepada ekonomi semasa.

Paras hutang domestik yang tinggi bukan cerita baru. Laporan pada 2009 yang dikeluarkan Institut Penyelidikan Ekonomi Malaysia (MIER) dan disiarkan beberapa akhbar utama menyebut Malaysia mempunyai hutang isirumah tertinggi di Asia.

Paras hutang isirumah daripada Keluaran Dalam Negara Kasar (KDNK) telah meningkat kepada 76.6 peratus bagi 2009 berbanding 63.9 peratus pada 2008.

Apa yang dapat difahami mengenai statistik ini ialah pinjaman untuk membiayai keperluan isirumah lebih meningkat berbanding pinjaman membiayai perniagaan.

Hutang negara pula dilaporkan meningkat 11.9 peratus daripada RM437 bilion kepada RM455.75 billion.

Paras hutang yang semakin tinggi sudah tentu tidak sihat untuk rakyat dan negara.

Dan, Bajet 2012 yang memberi imbuhan besar kepada penjawat awam serta beberapa imbuhan kepada gologan tertentu, sudah tentu akan menyebabkan kenakan harga barangan dan perkhidmatan. Ia juga memungkinkan pertambahan hutang domestik.

Golongan yang paling dijangka mendapat petaka ekonomi akibat kenaikan harga barang dan perkhidmatan ialah rakyat tidak berpendapatan tetap dan berpendapatan rendah, terutama penduduk luar bandar dan pekerja swasta.

Benar. Ada ahli akademik cuba berhujah dangkal kononnya Bajet 2012 turut memberi kemudahan setara kepada semua golongan. Antaranya ialah laporan yang memetik kenyataan Pensyarah Kanan, Pengurusan Strategi Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Dr Halim Hilman Abdullah.

Jika laporan itu benar, tepat dan tidak diselewengkan, pensyarah terbabit bermaksud kerajaan berlaku adil walaupun nampak seolah-olah hanya kakitangan awam diutamakan dalam bajet berkenaan.

Beliau dipetik sebagai berkata kerajaan juga menyediakan peruntukan besar seperti imbuhan RM500, pemansuhan yuran persekolahan dan pembangunan luar bandar, bukan mengutamakan kakitangan awam sahaja.

Ini adalah hujah dangkal kerana pemansuhan yuran sekolah dan pembangunan luar bandar turut dinikmati semua golongan, termasuklah mereka yang menerima kenaikan gaji.

Sudah tentu petaka besar akan menimpa golongan berpendapatan rendah dan tidak tetap. Malah, gendang raya kenaikan harga barang sudah dipalu apabila Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK) sendiri dilaporkan mengambil langkah mewujudkan Jawatankuasa Pemantauan Harga bagi mengekang kenaikan harga hanya beberapa hari selepas bajet dibentangkan di Parlimen. Maknanya, tempias petaka kenaikan harga akan segera dirasai mereka berpendapatan rendah dan tidak berpendapatan tetap.

Kita mahu bersangka baik terhadap niat kerajaan membantu rakyat, tetapi beberapa persoalan yang dihadapkan saban hari sejak Bajet 2012, amat meresahkan.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ), media ekonomi dan kewangan berpengaruh di peringkat global, turut menyifatkan pemberian ‘buah tangan’, yang diumumkan dalam jumlah yang banyak menerusi Bajet 2012 tidak akan membantu pertumbuhan ekonomi Malaysia.

Sebaliknya menurut akhbar itu, pentadbiran Najib perlu memperkenalkan pembaharuan menyeluruh untuk membantu Malaysia mencapai pertumbuhan yang diharapkan.

Apa yang dimusykilkan, terutama oleh kalangan parti pembangkang ialah, unjuran dan angka di dalam bajet berkenaan tampak tidak berwibawa dan tidak realisitk.

Malah, terbaru MIER sudah menurunkan unjuran pertumbuhan ekonomi bagi tahun 2011 kepada 4.6 peratus. Badan itu menganggap, berdasarkan realiti ekonomi global, sasaran pertumbuhan lima peratus hingga  enam peratus yang diguna pakai adalah sukar untuk dicapai.

Mungkin dengan ‘satu dua angka’ boleh mengelirukan ‘orang kampung’ yang tidak memahami selok belok ekonomi, tetapi ia tidak dapat mengabui mata semua orang.

Justeru, kerajaan perlu bukan sahaja menjadikan bajet berkenaan berwibawa dengan unjuran yang munasabah, malah bajet itu petlu dilihat sebagai realitsik dan konkrit dalam usaha membantu rakyat, bukan semata-mata ‘gula-gula politik’.

Kita seboleh-bolehnya mahu sentiasa bersangka baik kepada kerajaan dalam nawaitunya membantu rakyat. Namun, beberapa persoalan di atas perlu dijawab terlebih dahulu.

Setidak-tidaknya, Bajet 2012 perlu didahului Laporan Ketua Audit Negara seperti amalan yang biasa dilakukan.

Ibarat bertukang rumah; rumah bukan sahaja molek dipandang mata, malah tidak berbahaya untuk didiami. –

joel de vriend o0sZHtfp4N8 unsplash 1 - Serangan bersiri terhadap kerabat Johor: Blogger Uncleseekers cipta sejarah

Serangan bersiri terhadap kerabat Johor: Blogger Uncleseekers cipta sejarah

Serangan bersiri terhadap kerabat Johor: Blogger Uncleseekers cipta sejarah

Tidak pernah berlaku dalam sejarah negara ini seseorang blogger berani membuat serangan bersiri dan bertubi-tubi terhadap mana-mana Raja Melayu. Namun, blogger uncleseekers.blogspot.commembuktikan beliau berani melakukannya.

Dan, kini keberanian itu membawa kepada penahanannya oleh polis mengikut Akta Rahsia Rasmi (OSA).

Sehingga ini ada sekurang-kurangnya 63 entri khusus berkaitan kerabat diraja Johor dengan judul sama, iaitu “Sultan Johor atau Kerabatnya? di blog berkenaan, termasuk pelbagai dakwaan mengenai harta pusaka, pertelingkahan dengan individu tertentu dan peranan  beberapa penjawat awam di negeri itu.

Selain keberanian menyerang insititusi raja, blog berkenaan kini dikunjungi jutaan pelawat sehingga melonjakkan kedudukannya di dalam waktu singkat kerana dakwaan yang terkandung di dalamnya turut disertakan dengan beberapa dokumen, salinan laporan polis dan foto berkaitan yang sesetengahnya mungkin sulit atau sekurang-kurangnya masih menjadi rahsia umum.

Blog itu dipercayai dikendalikan Syed Abdullah Hussein Al-Attas, anak kepada penulis buku politik popular, Syed Hussein Alattas

Walaupun tidak semestinya semua dakwaan blogger berkenaan benar, ia berjaya menarik perhatian komuniti online kerana dakwaan itu menyentuh beberapa individu berpengaruh dan dikenali ramai.

Tambahan pula, pendedahan oleh blog terbabit turut disertakan dokumen tertentu, termasuk salinan cek bernilai jutaan ringgit.

Jumlah mukasurat yang dilihat (pageviews) pada blog berkenaan setakat ini lebih 9 juta.

Biasanya, jika ada apa juga komen, walaupun sedikit dan berbentuk umum terhadap mana-mana Raja Melayu seperti yang dibuat bekas Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin baru-baru ini berhubung bidaan plat kenderaan WWW1 oleh Sultan Johor, tindakan cepat akan diambil pihak polis, termasuklah mengikut Akta Hasutan.

Bagaimanapun, situasi berlainan ternampak dalam kes blogger Tindakan terhadap blogger terbabit agak lambat walaupun sudah ada lebih 30 individu membuat laporan polis meminta tindakan diambil terhadap blogger terbabit.

Ini menimbulkan persoalan sehingga ada sesetengah pembaca yang menulis komen di blog itu, mengsyaki kemungkinan apa yang didakwa di dalam blog terbabit ada benarnya.

Antara komen seorang pembaca yang enggan dikenali ialah “aku pelik r..uncle bantai sultan kaw2 xpenah lak masuk dalam ke len sntuh skit jer trus je sultan murka..bnde yang uncle tulis ni bnda btol ke smpai sultan xbrani nak stopkan ??”.

Ini dapat dilihat pada entri ini. Komen itu muncul sebelum blogger berkenaan ditahan polis, semalam.

Dalam reaksinya menerusi Twitter terhadap entri, Tungku Mahkota Johor (TMJ), Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim menganggap blogger terbabit sebagai ‘anjing’.

“Biarlah anjing itu menyalak semahunya. Saya tahu kebenarannya, rakyat Johor juga tahu kebenarannya,” katanya dalam catatan di Twitter, baru-baru ini.

Episod blogger ini dan ‘pembongkarannya’ dijangka berpanjangan. Kita akan menyaksikan rentetan kisahnya yang dijangka makin menarik. –