unifi fibre plan

All About Unifi Fiber Plan.

What is fiber?

Fiber happens to be the technology of the future. Fiber optic cables convey data over long distances at the speed of light and therefore offer many benefits. In order to guarantee you the best possible performance, fiber used to be installed to the heart of your home or business, unlike most operators.

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Why choose fiber?

Ultra-fast and stable internet

No cuts or slowdowns to download (up- and download), stream and play regardless of the number of people or devices connected at the same time.

Ultra-low latency

  • When you play online, every millisecond counts. With a unifi fibre plan, you can get a head start on your opponents.
  • A sharper image than always on all your screens
  • If on your TV, smartphone or tablet, with fiber, no part will escape you.
  • Ready for the future

In the future, your home will be more and more connected thanks to the internet. With the fiber to your home, this evolution will be child’s play.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH): three major business families

Three main business families are concerned by the deployment of optical fiber:

– Negotiation and trade professions

Operators who install fiber will need negotiators and telecom salespeople to offer connections and market their offers to individuals and businesses. The FTTH business responsible will coordinate projects and oversee their completion.

– The research professions

In the research firms, picketers are needed to carry out field surveys, FTTH draftsmen, project coordinators to study the feasibility and monitoring of the installations.

– Construction trades

This is where recruitments are most numerous. The cable puller must lay cables overhead and underground. The fitter welds the connections and can also pull cables in buildings.

The fiber optic technician is more qualified because he checks the fibers connected. The FFTH network and maintenance technician maintains an optical fiber network.

Depending on the size of the business, the trades are more or less specialized. In SMEs, technicians must combine skills: knowing how to lay fibers and dealing with customers, for example.